Thank You For 10 Years Our Togetherness.

10 years our togetherness.

Thank you for our relationship. 10 years and still continue.

I would like to thank you very much for your kindness heart. Your support, your love, your trust, and everything.

I wouldn’t like to tell everyone how I’m happy to be someone in your heart and life. I just want to tell myself that how lucky having you in my life.

Someone who always knowing me very much. Knowing my ambitious and my dream. Someone who always give me opportunities for challenging my self to reach my dream and my ambitious also.

10 years is never enough..

I want to spending more, more, and more time again with you.

Everyone gonna asking to us, when we will marry?

Its not about when and why. And the reason is only for us. We can’t tell to everyone the reason. Because we’re director for our story. We created, and we decided. Not them. 🙂

When the time coming.. we’re compelitely each others. Walking together, enjoy this life together until die part of us.

Both of us always fallin in love. Thats enough for answer their question. We just like lovebird who always singing and laugh together.

Even we ever separate not only once, But, you’re place that I always coming back. You like a home that gives me space for me go and back again. Its too rude for you,I am Sorry. But, I love you very much.

Its never enough for us.. for holding each others..

Thank you for being my best since 10 years ago and more..




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