A new life already begun..

This blog maybe same with previous. With same domain but the entry already gone. I don’t know what happened with my last blog. There’s alway error since half years ago. I and team already fixed with the problem or virus, but still can’t solved the problem.

I think this time same with before. We still can handle this problem and I still can write article and publish in my blog. But, unfortunetelly, we can’t fix it. Feel so sad when know that the one way for bring my blog back is uninstall my last blog, and install with new blog with same domain.

It’s OK. No big problem for me. I already spent for two years wrote in my blog. And if I should start with new entry its not big deal for me. I think if I still stand with my last blog with many problem because virus suspend my blog, that’s not good for me. And i realized if I should delete my blog, its better choice for me. 🙂

Thank you everyone for help and waiting story in my blog. With this article, I Proudly present my new blog. My new life, my new entry.

Because today, I have big experience for my life too. But I can’t share what my experience with all of you in this blog, because its my personal problem.

Please always stay in my blog. And I will write my best journey for you.




Ndue. 🙂

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